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SNACKS (house-made)

Chicken Satay (4)    12.00

 Grilled chicken on stick served with peanut sauce & cucumber salad

Golden Fried Shrimp (5)    11.00

 Shrimp Marinated in Thai herbs & spicies in egg roll wrap , deep fried & served with   sweet/sour & chill sauce topped with ground peanuts

Crispy Tofu      8.50

  Fried tofu served with house made peanut sauce

Egg Rolls (4)     9.00

 Deep fried spring roll stuffed with glass noodles, cabbage,carrot,mushroom served with    sweet/sour/chili sauce topped with ground peanuts 

Fresh Spring Rolls (2)    9.00 (shrimp add 2.00)

  Fresh roll stuffed with romaine & mixed greens, shredded carrot, tofu, glass noodles         mint served with sauce of peanut , sweet/sour & chilli topped with ground peanuts

Battered Fried Calamari 12.00

  Deep fried calamari , slivered kaffir lime served with sweet/sour & chilli sauce topped        with ground peanuts

SOUP (choice of chicken, tofu) (shrimp or calamari add 3.00)

Tom Yum     12.00  

  Spicy and sour, mushroom, onion, tomato, cilantro, galangal, lime leaf, lemon grass

Tom Kha      12.00

  Coconut milk, mushroom, onion, tomato, cilantro, galangal, lime leaf, lemon grass  

Woon Sen    12.00

  Glass noodles in clear broth, mixed veggies, mushroom, onion, cilantro, fried garlic



Papaya Som Tum Salad    12.00

Shredded green papaya, tomato, carrot, green bean, crushed peanut, in lime dressing

Larb Gai  14.00 

 Minced chicken tossed with red onion, green onion, chili, mint, roasted rice powder, cilantro, and lime dressing               

Beef Salad 15.00

Grilled beef tossed with red onion, green onion, tomato, cilantro, mint, in lime dressing 

Happy Thai Salad 12.00

Lettuce, crispy tofu, mushroom, tomato, shredded carrot topped with peanut dressing

CURRY (served with steamed rice) (choice of tofu, chicken, beef, pork) (shrimp or calamari  add 3.00)(mixed rice add 2.00)

Green Curry     15.00    

 Coconut milk, broccoli, carrot, cabbage, eggplant, bell pepper, basil

Red Curry Bamboo    15.00

Coconut milk, bamboo, bell pepper, basil

Red Curry Pumpkin    15.00

Coconut milk, pumpkin, broccoli, carrot, cabbage, bell pepper, basil

Red Curry Pineapple   15.00

 Coconut milk, pineapple, carrot, bell pepper, broccoli, basil

Yellow Curry     15.00

Coconut milk, potato, yellow onion, broccoli, carrot, cabbage

Panang Curry    15.00

 Coconut milk, green bean, bell pepper, basil, broccoli, carrot, cabbage

STIR FRY ENTREES (served with steamed rice)(choice of tofu, chicken, beef, pork) (shrimp or calamari add 3.00) (mixed rice add 2.00)


Pad Cashew 15.00    

    Cashew nut, onion, bell pepper, broccoli, cabbage, carrot, mushroom, chili paste

Pad Seasonal Veggies 15.00

    Broccoli, cabbage, mushroom, carrot, onion       

Pad Basil 15.00

    Bamboo, green bean, baby corn, onion, bell pepper, basil, chili 

Pad Garlick 15.00

    Garlic, onion

Pad Prik Khing 15.00

    Green beans, bell pepper, Thai lime leaf, red curry paste             

Pad Broccoli 15.00

    Broccoli, carrots, oyster sauce   

Pad Sweet & Sour 15.00

    Tomato, cucumber, pineapple, onion, carrot, baby corn, mushroom

Pad Basil Fried Rice 15.00    

    Egg, onion, shredded green bean, bell pepper, broccoli, carrot, cabbage, basil, chili

Pineapple Fried Rice  15.00

    Egg, onion, raisin, tomato, curry powder, roasted cashews, green onion

Thai Fried Rice  15.00

    Egg, onion, tomato, broccoli, carrot, cabbage

Green Curry Fried Rice 15.00

    Curry sauce,bell pepper, basil, broccoli, carrot, cabbage

Pad Woon Sen 15.00

    Glass noodles, egg, onion, carrot, cabbage, green onion, tomato , broccoli

Pad Basil Eggplan15.00

    Onion, mushroom, bell pepper, basil, chili

Pad Basil Mushroom 15.00

    Bamboo, baby corn, mushroom, shredded green bean, onion, bell pepper, basil, chili

Pralam Tofu or Chicken 15.00

    Spinach, broccoli, carrot, cabbage, peanut sauce             

OMELETTES (served with steamed rice) (mixed rice add 2.00)


Thai Mushroom Omelette 12.00       

     Sliced mushroom & green onion

Thai Shrimp Omelette 15.00

     Minced shrimp & green onion


NOODLES (choice of tofu, chicken, beef, pork) (shrimp or calamari add 3.00)


Pad Kee Mao (Drunkard Noodles) 15.00

  Onion, broccoli, bell pepper, cabbage, carrot, tomato, shredded green bean, basil, chili

Pad Thai 15.00

  Bean sprout, egg, tofu, green onion, ground peanut, lime, tofu, shredded carrot

Pad See Ew  15.00

  Broccoli, egg, cabbage, carrot

Pad Ladna 15.00

  Broccoli, egg, cabbage, carrot, mushroom, in gravy ( your choice of rice noodle or crispy egg noodle         


NOODLES IN SOUP (your choice of rice noodle or egg noodle)


Noodle in Clear Broth    17.00

  Chicken, shrimp, tofu, veggies, bean sprout, green onion, cilantro, fried garlic topping   

Noodle in Tom Yum Spicy and Sour Soup 18.00

  Shrimp & calamari, veggies, green onion, cilantro, bean sprout, mushroom, lemon            grass, galangal, Thai lime leaf

Egg Noodle in Kaw Soi Spicy and Sour Soup with Coconut Milk  18.00

  Shrimp & chicken, veggies, bean sprout, green onion, cilantro, mushroom, lemon             grass, galangal, Thai lime leaf, fried garlic, & crispy noodle topping         


Mam's SPECIALTIES (served with steamed rice) (mixed rice add 2.00)


Crab Fried Rice 20.00

   Onion , tomato , broccoli , carrot , green onion garnish

Panang Mango  (choice of shrimp or wild salmon) 24.00

  Sliced fresh mango, bell pepper, panang curry infusion

Pumpkin Wild Salmon 24.00

  Thai pumpkin, yellow curry infusion, steamed veggie medley

Chu Chee Grilled Wild Salmon 24.00

Red curry infusion, steamed veggie medley  


Sweet Sticky Rice w/ Mango 8.50      


Jasmine Rice 3.50

Mixed Rice  4.00

Sticky Rice 4.00
Garlic Egg Noodles 4.50

Steamed Veggies 4.50

Peanut Sauce 1.00/3.00

Cucumber Salad  3.50

Fried Egg 3.00


Hot Tea  3.50

Hot Thai Ginger Tea  3.50

Thai Iced  Tea   4.00 (coconut cream add 1.00)
Thai Iced Coffee  4.00


Spring Water 

Sparkling Water

Soft Drinks





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